Dennis Residence Blue Hill Bay, Maine, USA
Creative Solution Studio
ABOVE: Site model with the proposed Dennis Residence. The two parts of the house on the left side are bedroom suites with the end wall facing directly west for sunset views and to provide solid walls from north prevailing winter winds.

Ron and Rose Dennis asked to plan and design a contemporary home on a property with 300 feet of ocean frontage in Blue Hill Bay, Maine. The client would like to have lots of glass to take advantage of the view, but without compromising ability of incorporating energy efficiency, labor efficient and sustainable design concept. Design investigation is through 3D modeling, tectonics as and full understanding of the site.

The placement of the house in the final design is with the bedrooms facing directly west to see the sun setting over the ocean and mountains. The round kitchen and outdoor terrace is facing southeast so the morning sunshine penetrates into the space while having breakfast. Dinning room, living room and seating area are inclosed by a sheet of curved glass wall that allows for a panoramic view of the ocean. This design provides daylight into the house throughout the entire day through the strategic placement of the house on the site. To reduce solar heat gain from the glazing, the design provides long eaves to maximize shade when most needed. The materials this house is designed with are SIP walls and roof, the exterior walls are wrapped with stone veneer and insulated glass.