Mystic Landing, Development Everett, Massachusetts, USA
Carr, Lynch, and Sandell Inc.
ABOVE: 3D rendering of master plan for Mystic Landing development in Everett, MA. The proposal includes row houses with private garages, two condominium buildings, and business center attracting shops, and offices. The master plan is very conveniently located on Rout 99 with a very easy access to Cambridge and Boston. The master plan was one of the proposals along the Mystic River edge as clean up efforts and bringing some value to the area.

Mystic Landing Development is located in Everett, Massachusetts on a contaminated site that is on Mystic Riverís edge and this is one of the sites that is part of the combined effort of cleaning up the riverís edge and attracting new business.

In the effort of cleaning up the site, the development proposes for a master plan that includes row houses with private garages, condominium buildings and business center that attractís to shops and offices. The development also proposes boat marina with offices and private boat slips , as well as public landing for small boats and commuter boat that goes right to downtown Boston. The commuter boat will be accessible not just to the residents of the development, but the master plans also proposes a parking lot at the edge of the development off of rout 99 for boat commuters into downtown, which would also attract customers to the local businesses.

With a conveniently located to Boston, and Cambridge as well as most major routs and highways with the development being right off of rout 99. When the efforts of cleaning up the riverís edge is completed with all the other sites on the complete master plan, the sites will contribute very well to the expansion of Boston and Cambridge.