Sonesta Beach Resort Southampton, Bermuda
Carr, Lynch and Sandell Inc.

Sonesta Beach Resort is located in Southampton, Bermuda which is on the southern part of the island. The developer purchased the land which already had the existing hotel in a state of disrepair with intentions of restoring and updating the existing hotel and add residential cottages and beach properties. The residential properties are developed for sale to private owners or for rent by the resort.

Bermuda has a very strict architectural review board with regards to keeping Bermuda architecture style and for keeping the structures able to withstand hurricane forces. Boat Bay Villas and Cottage houses are designed with reinforced concrete walls and floor slabs as well as concrete roof shingles laid on hip roofs with a gable end over the entry doors to give the unique Bermudian style of architecture. The site is quite complicated for any additional development do to its steep slopes, but with creative layout and proper placement of additional structures within the master plan, all residences have clear views out to the Atlantic Ocean and short walk to private beaches.

Bermuda also tries to keeps business on the island, so local architects needed to develop the design of Cottage House and Boat Bay Village buildings within the master plan beyond the schematic design level that was prepared for the client.