Mending the Landscape (Scheme "B") Houston, Texas, USA
Creative Solution Studio
ABOVE: Rendered master plan of the development.

Scheme B develops the concept of shading to manipulate the shade and light with an architectural system. Concrete shells are the system that in one point they provide shade when its most needed while allowing daylight into the spaces throughout the day.

The main building is positioned in relation with north, south east, west coordinates so most of the sunlight in the morning and through early afternoon can enter into the building for day lighting. In the afternoon the system shades the building from direct sunlight to minimize solar heat gain, but still letting indirect light in, to continue lighting up the space. The shell is curved in both dimensions to follow the sun path for maximizing the shade or light. Same system is used on the lodge units. Do to the different position of each unit every unit experiences different light and shade effect. Each row holds six units and for every unit to receive maximum day lighting the units are stepped up in a three foot increment and the lodges are placed on a radius to enhance the limit of view and at the same time provide more privacy to all rooms.