Amwaj, Project Rabat, Morocco
TRO Jung|Brannen
ABOVE: Proposed Master Plan of Amwaj, designed by TRO Jung|Brannen with collaboration with client’s consultants and landscape architect.

Morocco’s investment climate with the launch of the US$3 billion Amwaj real estate project. Located on the banks of Bou Regreg River Valley in an idyllic setting between the cities of Rabat and Sale, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the 121-hectare Amwaj project aims to evolve as the new heart of the capital, offering an upscale lifestyle to residents and visitors in an exclusive Moroccan setting.

The architecture, along with the master planning, landscaping and place-making principles have embraced the culturally rich, indigenous vernacular of Rabat. This architectural expression goes beyond the tangible elements of “brick and mortar.” It represents a lifestyle and a human experience that is respectful of the traditional Arab city/architectural morphology. The Amwaj project has established a series of design principles which will be experienced at every level of the city ranging from the individual residence, to the neighborhood, and eventually felt by the overall city fabric.

A vibrant mix-used program is complemented by architectural strategies that result in a strong sense of place-making. Furthermore, the architecture allows for these opportunities at all levels-from ground floor store fronts, restaurants, gardens and arcades; to the articulation of the façade with terraces and balconies; to the well appointed garden terraces of the roof top.

Streetscape elevations were developed to highlight the richness of the proposed contextual traditional Rabat and Moroccan Architecture. They also show the connections between building through bridges, paths and gateways.