Salam Resort - Beach Hotel Yiti, Oman
TRO Jung|Brannen
ABOVE: Water color rendering by Gil Gorski of North Plaza with West Wing of the hotel. This view is from Promenade, viewing the North elevation and canal between the Promenade and Beach Resort.

Salam Resort and Spa, Beach Hotel with conference center is the first phase of a large master plan on the Golf of Oman in Yiti, Oman. Later phases of the whole Master Plan include additional water-front Hotel, Suke, Marina with Promenade including shops and restaurants, several communities of Villas with golf courses.

The Salam Resort is designed with the intent of refreshing the traditional, rich in details, Omani white architecture, with attached balconies constructed out of dark wood. When introducing to the client sustainable solutions, the client was supportive of following through to get the project LEED certified. The project went through the process weighing the project against the LEED credit check list.

I took over the Beach Hotel from completed Schematic Design to deliver 100% Detailed Design to a local architect for the local firm to develop Construction Documents. My responsibilities included: Developing the design of the entire building, developing the documents to Detailed Design level, coordination of entire drawing set for accuracy and completeness, developing details, building sections and, wall sections, and coordination of all consultants involved in the design of the hotel.