Modular Housing Aspen, Colorado, USA
Creative Solution Studio
ABOVE: Figure Ground partial site plan showing how differently the pie shaped modular housing fits among traditional mobile homes.

The program is to design three factory manufactured houses to be assembled on site and also to design the open space between each unit located on lots in a existing mobile home park in Aspen Colorado. This will include one courtyard unit, one extended unit, and one double unit. The three houses are transported on to the site from the remote area of fabrication. The double is two manufactured pie shapes, the extended house consists of three manufactured units joined, and the courtyard house consists of multiple manufactured units joined to shape outdoor space.

Unit #1 is the courtyard unit assembled out of four equal size pie shapes, that will be pre-fabricated. This is the largest and most luxuries pie assembly for the proposal of this development in Aspen Colorado. The Pie shaped units can be placed and oriented differently in relation to each other with the 16 increments to fit lots of different sizes. By making pie shapes the private areas of the house like bedrooms and bathrooms face away from the other units to create privacy, even that the buildings are placed close together without sacrificing the privacy from within.

Unit #2 is the expended unit assembled out of three equal size pie shapes that are pre-fabricated in a factory and than assembled on site. This unit uses the first two pies from the unit #1 and the third pie shape from unit #2. This shows the modularity of this design with the ability of switching and flexibility to create different and unique compositions to fit different site dimensions and configurations.

Unit #3 is the double unit, assembled out of two equal size pie shapes. This is the smallest unit possible. In elevation the modules with tallest roof height represent the public areas of the house, the modules with the middle roof height are less pubic and in this case also private, but in the larger units the lowest roof heights are the private areas for this house.