Wallner / Cate Residence Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA
Carr, Lynch and Sandell Inc.
ABOVE: Image of completed custom kitchen with a custom design of the island with concrete top and concrete circular feature that has a sink in the middle for iced drinks, food, or flowers. The concrete features for the island where completed by a local artist.

Wallner / Cate Residence is located on top of a hill overlooking at Cohasset Bay in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Client requested a spectacular kitchen, that works well for cooking, entertainment, and working well with surrounding program. That includes dining room, family room, and out door deck.

The existing kitchen was outdated and bringing down the elegance of the rest of the house. For the kitchen the cabinets where custom made by a cabinet maker and the concrete piece for the island was performed by an artist of concrete sculptures. One of the features for the island was the concrete cone with round top that included a concrete sink with a drain for ice to be used for placing bottles of drinks, food, or even flowers. The concrete cone with top was to heavy to just be on top of the floor, so there was a column engineered in the basement to support the weight. The modern kitchen complements the rest of the house as well as client’s character in addition to a kitchen that works well for daily uses.