Kupsc Residence Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA
Carr, Lynch and Sandell Inc.
ABOVE: Front Elevation rendering of the proposed residence by Jim Sandell overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The design of the residence is classic architecture that draws inspiration from the coast. The architecture of road elevation provides privacy with small window openings, deep overhangs, and solid stone and stucco walls.

Kupsc Residence property is located in Cohasset, Massachusetts right on the rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The existing house was a smaller modest coastal home from the ‘60’s. The proposed house is redesigned with using portion of the existing foundation and slab, every thing above, it is all a new house.

The new house is constructed out of structural steel with SIP skin and roof that is covered with stone and stucco veneer, and stone roof shingles. Client’s request was for a structurally and well insulated house using new construction and design technology to reduce energy and water consumption from the base line.

The design and programing of the building is using the site’s slope for organization of the layout. The front courtyard is approached from the main level of the building, which it is used as public space, for entertainment of guests. For the separation from public level, the entire upper level is a master suite to provide ultimate privacy. The master suite includes sitting area, master bedroom, master bathroom, dressing room, and bonus room. More private spaces are located on the lower level, which includes bedrooms, bathrooms, media room with a walk out to the pool deck and mechanical area.

The coastal house is organized very well with separation of program and maximizing the opportunity for a view while minimizing the building footprint and pervious area on the site to reduce coastal water pollution.